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Fan Connections


Please email us we wanna know what you guys think about our dancing look anything an everything! and this is a way for you guys to help us help you. Tell us songs that you want us to dance to an we will dance to them. Tell us competitions that sounds like something we should look into. Anything like that we can use :) And if you just wanna chat or just say "hi" or "whats up" that's cool too.

Text or Call:

If you guys wanna call an leave a message or text something just like the email help us help you. so these are just some of the ways for fan connection.

Joey Neas
Kenny Jackson
Kym Crazygirl Taylor
Joseph Johnny

Look us up also.

We also have a fan page on Facebook the name is Triple Threat. If any of you guys have a Facebook please add us up to get updates on Facebook, email, blog, an Youtube.
So enjoy!